Conversational AI

Most chatbots conversations are designed as flow charts or as decision trees. But we, humans, go sideways, change our minds, jump topics. You might need to check your balance as you’re paying a bill or you might decide that after all, you’ll book a table for 4 even if you said 5 two turns earlier. Conversational AI makes that possible at scale.

We build on top of open-source software

Proprietary platforms flourish with all sort of hard to verify claims. You can gamble and pick one, or rely on free and open-source software created by a solid engineering team, backed by a massive online community. That is why we build solutions on top of Rasa. Rasa offers state of the art natural language understanding, and a revolutionary machine learning based dialog engine.

Own your data

Open source software runs on your infrastructure or on the cloud of your choice without dependency on any external service.

Fully customizable AI

We can tweak NLU models to fit with your application or your business specific vocabulary

No vendor lock-in

Rasa is open source and is backed by a massive community of developers and researchers. With or without Mr. Bot, you will never been alone.

Why Mr. Bot?

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