We build on top of cutting-edge open-source AI software

Proprietary platforms flourish with all sort of hard to verify claims. You can gamble and pick one, or rely on free and open-source software backed by a massive online community. That is why we build solutions on top of the Rasa Stack. Rasa offers state of the art natural language understanding, and a revolutionary machine learning based dialog engine.

Our open source UI platform for Rasa

Putting domain experts in control is at the heart of our philosophy. We are here to help with AI and engineering skills and you are the most qualified to provide your chatbot with content to make it smarter as it talks to more users. Every project comes with an access to Botfront, a powerful chatbot manager.

Get started, it's free and open source
Make your bot smarter

Add training data to your bot using real conversations and improve its natural language understanding abilities

Dynamic Knowledge base Q&A

Train your bot to answer new questions and provide answers with our intuitive interface.

Add rich content

Our intuitive interface lets you add rich sequences of messages including images, buttons and carousels

Rasa integration

Fully integrated with Rasa, the leading conversational AI open source stack.

No vendor lock-in

We deliver solutions built on top of open source software and Botfront is a layer you can remove easily. You can stop depending on us anytime